I'm Ting-Yun Cheng (aka Sunny), "鄭婷筠" above is my Taiwanese name written in Traditional Chinese. I am currently a postdoctoral researcher in the Centre of Extragalactic Astronomy at the Durham University, United Kingdom. Formerly, I was a PhD student at the University of Nottingham under the supervision of Chris Conselice and Alfonso Aragón-Salamanca. My PhD research includes machine learning and neural networks, galaxy morphology, and galaxy-galaxy strong lensing systems.

There are two parts of this web: AstroMe and TerraMe. I'm also into travel, volleyball, history, unknown, and a cup of tea. My adventures include travel around Scotland, two round trips in Taiwan (bike and motobike), the westernmost to easternmost Great Wall in China, 2 months railway trip in Canada, etc. See my map in TerraMe if you are interested. 

About Me :)

​鄭婷筠Ting-Yun CHENG

Astrophysicist & Adventurer

Lulin Observatory @ Taiwan